Welcome to the blog! And countdown to my first half marathon!

Hello everyone and welcome to my little slice of the internet! For those of you that may know me, I also write Lady Red Travel blog, where I share my tips and adventures both locally and abroad. When my adventures became more active, I decided to create this blog!

Mind you, I’m not the most athletic person. I would even consider myself a less than average (or unlikely) athlete. Growing up, I didn’t play team sports and was always picked last in gym class. I did focus my energy on individual activities, including figure skating and gymnastics, but ended up dropping out in both sports in my early teens. In my mid-20’s, I decided to change my lack of athleticism by signing up for my first 5K race. Now in my early 30’s, I’ve done several 5Ks, two 10Ks, and about to attempt my very first half marathon in two days! Eek! In addition to running, I’ve begun dabbling in cycling, yoga, and extreme sports, such as surfing! Running (and most sports) are tough for me, but solo sports are something I’ve been enjoying in my adulthood regardless of my talent!

My hopes with this blog is to share my experiences, tips and inspiration to show that anyone can be an unlikely athlete! Thanks again for checking this blog out and stay tuned for more to come!

Published by ladyredtravel

I'm a small town girl who grew up in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. I love writing, rock music, and, well, traveling of course! I'm an aspiring travel blogger who started traveling internationally later in life at 21. So far, I've been to 17 countries and 6 out of 7 continents, with my goal to explore Antarctica in 2023! When I'm not traveling abroad, I enjoy exploring locally throughout New England, going to concerts, trying new vegetarian cuisine, and spending time with my lovely husband, our precious beagle mix Sophie, and our beloved cats, Moose and Heidi.

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